Access Scenarios

A. Overview structure and features of platform



Case Example “Seismic Risk of Istanbul” 

The following graphics illustrate some major parameters of the Seismic Risk of Istanbul and it´s interrelations.

B. Quantitative impacts of seismic risk parameters/drivers linked to the relative Fonts

As we are living in the age of construction on our planet, earthquakes will in the future have an increasing impact on poorly constructed Megacities. Those Megacities at risk represent not only a local extreme risk of lives. Instead these future disasters can have a global changing impact on politics and societies as seen in the case of Fukushima.
The recent earthquake disasters and in particular the L´Aquila Earthquake Trial in Italy have underlined how crucial it is to adequately address contemporary risks, as the basis and the result of our decisions.



C. Calculated or judged probabilities and fuzzinness concerning impact size between seismic risk parameters/drivers in form of vectors and diagrams



D. Calculated or judged impact size between seismic risk parameters/drivers in form of bubbles size and contacts