WikiDaemon is one kind of a tool with whom we prepare for the unforeseen. The tool is now being created as a free online and nonprofit platform. This platform is an art-science initiative created and designed for experimental reasons. In the tradition of a collaborative library, WikiDaemon will provide access and participation to anyone, while at the same time it focuses specifically on … [Read more…]

Project: Installing Seismic Risk of Istanbul

As we are living in the age of construction on our planet, earthquakes will in the future have an increasing impact on poorly constructed Megacities. Those Megacities at risk represent not only a local extreme risk of lives. Instead these future disasters can have a global changing impact on politics and societies as seen in the … [Read more…]

Project: The Moment of the theoretical Alert

The project aims to design and critically reflect an Earthquake Early Warning Assistant of the near future. It experiments with scenarios of human-machine interaction via a series of multi-media performances that resemble a laboratory test room. The project will demonstrate a case study on the region of Istanbul and Almaty/Bishkek. It provides scenarios of rescue … [Read more…]